My _?_th Birthday Wish for you!  🙂

Happy Birthday Judy Katz

Today is a special day for me, (it’s my _?_th birthday) so I thought I would share something very important with you!

I trust that you will find this extremely helpful if you desire to have more of what you are wishing for and less of what you are now experiencing.

Let’s imagine that as we make our wishes and blow out the candles, the Universe, God, hears our hearts and immediately orchestrates the means with which our desires are fulfilled.

Actually, this is the way it works for all of us. It’s just that we don’t always open our hearts to receive the gifts, our wishes and desires that are prepared and given.

Well, today is the day that we receive. Please join me in the fun, and let’s celebrate what we are looking forward to right now. “Looking forward to” is a special phrase that stimulates lots of “feel good” vibrations in your body.

This special phrase creates a state of expectancy. Now, that is powerful and it’s textbook for deliberate manifesting. This is the magic phrase that you want to use after you make your wish with me today!

Let’s begin:

Please take these words as your own only if they feel right for you.

From the realm of divine creative power and unconditional love, and I declare that we enjoy each and every day with the people that we love and who love us. We are doing our life’s work with ease and grace, and we are paid generously for the value that we offer in service to others.

Our hearts are moved with compassion, love, and caring for others. We eagerly and readily reach out and give our talents and skills to the people for whom we know we are here to serve by making a beneficial difference in their lives.

Each day we become increasingly aware of the beneficial and loving presence that we truly are. We are blessed with the cooperation from others as we connect with our hearts and feel love fully.

Money flows readily into our lives, bringing with it rich opportunities to expand it more while making a difference in the world, giving more life to all who choose abundance, prosperity, freedom and joy.

We accept and appreciate the strong bodies that we have. We affirm that the foods we eat take care of our bodies in the healthiest ways. We feel vital and alive; we breathe deeply, and move about in our bodies with strength and freedom; we are free from pain and we dance with life.

We declare that joy, gratitude, compassion, and love are the dominant feelings that guide our every actions. We are inspired and radiate our true self expression into all of our endeavors.

With deep appreciation and gratitude, we now accept these special desires fully, knowing they are in complete alignment with the truth of who we are.

We accept and receive graciously what God, the Universe, has promised to give – all that we need to live life to our full potential, to thrive, and to grow into the greatest Self that we are divinely imprinted to be.

From a thankful heart, we declare and acknowledge it is done, it is perfect, it is complete, and we accept the unfoldment of these desires (birthday wishes) into their manifest form right now. And so it is!

Now, take a deep breath and let’s blow out the candles! Whoosh!!!!!!!!!

Isn’t it exciting to look forward to the unfoldment of these desires in perfect time and in perfect ways? Cultivate expectancy by repeating this birthday gift from me to you each night before you retire.

Guess what, I just received a gift that I’ve been wanting! This happened before I even had a chance to finish this message to you! Now, that’s divine love at its best!!!!! Thank you God, Universe!

My love and deepest blessings to you,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”