Judy K. Katz is an ICF Master Certified Coach, a Certified Spiritual Practitioner, and the founder of the Academy for Higher Conscious Living™. She has served individuals and companies since 1997 to transform the conflicted, resistant environments in which people work and live, into loving, harmonious, respectful, highly productive, and powerful relationships, “from the inside out”.

Judy believes that the quality of life depends upon the quality of relationships, particularly in these key areas:

  • personal life: family, spouse or significant other, and closest friends
  • business: clients, customers, employees, employers, or co-workers
  • money:  income, savings, and debt
  • body-health
  • career: soulful work and creative passions
  • spirituality: a personal relationship with God—a Supreme Love and Power, Source, the Universe, the One, etc.

This quality is greatly determined by the following 3 primary relationships:

  • the relationship that we have with our self, all parts of our self
  • our relationship with a Supreme Deity of Love and Power (God, Source, the One, Universe, etc.)
  • the relationship that we have with our world— how we see others, our worldview

Judy K. Katz

“It is my passion and purpose to enrich the lives of spiritually, heart-centered individuals through my transformational work. It is paramount to my mission to free my clients from their subconscious, fight/flight/freeze, reactive habits that cause them to suffer and that overtake them in times of change, adversity, and conflict.

My intention is to bring my clients to their powerful point of intention and magnetic attraction for what they desire. They experience peace, a connection to their authentic nature, to their God-Source of power, and they experience a profound love, prosperity, freedom, and joy.” 


A Brief Interview with Judy. . .

Q. Who are the people that benefit most in working with you in your Conscious Relationship programs?

A.  My ideal clients are primarily female business owners and professionals who are suffering from the ill-effects of being “Provider Women” in their lives. “Provider Women” are women who believe as I did—they can’t rely on or seem to attract the quality of help that they need and, worse yet, they believe that needing help will render them less-than or incapable of handling life’s challenges.

They are super-achievers, yet they desperately want someone to “have their back,” and they yearn to be loved deeply. They are compelled to have rich and vibrant business and personal lives, yet they are stuck in their make-it-happen, push-pull ways-of-being. They are frustrated and exhausted because they continue to get the same results they do NOT want.

Their intimate relationships have taken the greatest hit. This is where their greatest pain and deep suffering show up. It is also the source of their greatest desire, to be DESIRED and LOVED! This was me many years ago. 

Q. Who are the people that most benefit from working with you in your Conscious Deliberate Attraction and Conscious Transformation Programs?

A.  Women and men who are involved in their spiritual and emotional growth and who are committed to their personal growth and transformation are best served by my coaching and training programs. They are open to learning how to best align with Universal Success Principles (Laws) which have been taught and demonstrated by the masters for years. They are looking for joyful and healthy ways to thrive and to create their reality through higher consciousness.

People who are willing to acknowledge that attracting a perfect soul mate, client or customer, and YES, the perfect buyer for their home, is first and foremost, an “inside job”. They subscribe to the reality that everything is energy and that their “point-of-attraction” is magnetic. They are willing to take responsibility for their experiences and results, to be released from their victim perspective, and to embrace their co-creative Self.

Q.  How are you different from other coaches, trainers, and spiritual mentors?

A.  Experience has proven that doing things differently, applying new strategies, and taking new actions from the same fearful mindset that created the problem to begin with, does not work. My transformational coaching and training programs release people from their survival reactions into their authentic and powerful selves. My clients and customers achieve the ability, when working with me, to take action from a place of inspired confidence and from a mindset of abundance and possibility.

I have a unique and masterful way of moving people through and transcending beyond their doubts and fears and the emotional energies of the transformation process. I help people to change their magnetic “point-of-attraction.” This is what allows them to manifest their desired outcomes naturally and much more quickly than if they had used conventional methods of change that are not rooted in the truth of who they really are.

Bottom line: I can honestly say that I have been there and I totally ‘get it’. . . I have an amazing capacity for empathy and to ‘be with’ people in their darkest hours, just like I was. Being present to pain, confusion, and upset in a mindful way is what heals and releases the pain. Fortunately, I was blessed to be given the ‘miracle keys to the kingdom’. I am here to help liberate others to have their personal miracle ‘keys,’ too!

Q.  What are the different ways I can work with you?

A. I have several ways for you to experience who I am and how I can help you. It is important that we are a good fit, that we are a match. You can readily discover this by signing up for the following low risk, no or low cost options:

  • Click here to receive my complimentary e-book, The Roadmap to Freedom. This workbook is designed to help guide you through your fearful auto-pilot survival habits and to transcend into your powerful, state of choice and unlimited possibilities.
  • Schedule a consultation appt. with me. Let’s discover what is keeping you from experiencing your desires and what it will take to change this. I believe that your desires are God’s way of calling you back to who you really are. My services and programs are designed to help you decode your desires, heal and rise beyond your fears, and discover what your next most powerful steps toward your growth and expansion are.
  • Purchase my newly released book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt:Ascend Out of Fear and Conflict Into Confidence and Authentic Power.  Visit Judy’s Book page on this website to learn more. My book is available in paperback and formatted for Kindle. Available on Amazon.com.
  • Purchase my simple yet powerful audio/workbook programs found in my online learning library. Learn how to work with your subconscious mind to become an emotional/vibrational match to your desires. These courses and classes will set you up to experience unpredictable miracles! It helps you to make the shift that changes everything!
  • Are you ready to get serious about getting the help you need in becoming successful at conscious, deliberate creating your desires, like and attracting the perfect person/people into your life?  Learn more about my Academy for Higher Conscious Living™ Coaching and Training Programs here. They do require you to have a greater desire, commitment, and investment in you. You will reap the rewards of your investment because you are making a larger commitment of your time and money. A larger investment equals a larger impact for deep transformation and successful results on many levels.

Q.  What is your experience, formal training, and certifications? 

A.  I have been working with professionals and business owners since Jan. 1997. I have over 9,000 hours of coaching, training, and mentoring experience and hundreds of success stories from my clients.

Judy’s Professional Training and Credentials:

  • Newfield Certified Coach (NCC) – Trained and certified by The Newfield Network, Inc., an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training company, Julio Olalla, Pres. Graduate from the following programs: Coaching for Professional & Personal Mastery (CPPM); Coaching in Business; Integral Pathways (advanced somatic, ontological, and emotional intelligence coaching); The Graduate Coaching Program (ontological and somatic coaching).
  • Certified Mastermind Executive Coach (CMEC) – Trained and certified by The Rescue Institute, LLC, A. Drayton Boylston, IV, CEO. Graduate of the Executive Mentor Coach program.
  • Certified ‘Results’ Coach – Trained and certified by The Arbinger Institute, James L. Ferrell, partner. Graduate of “The Choice in Coaching: Arbinger Mastery Training for Coaches.”
  • Certified Practitioner of Metaphysics (RScP) Trained and certified by the United Center for Spiritual Living, formally UCRS. Graduate of the RScP 2 year certification program. Credentialed as a Practitioner by the Emerson Theological Institute, State of California (spiritual and metaphysical studies of the Laws of Mind and spiritual wholeness.)
  • ICF International Coach Federation credentialed as a Certified Master Coach, (MCC) in January, 2007. This is the highest designation issued by this global governing body for coaches worldwide.
  • Certified NLP Practitioner – Trained and certified by the American Union of NLP May, 2017
  • Certified Basic Ericksonian Hypnotist – Trained and certified by the American Alliance of Hypnotists, July, 2017
  • Strategic Attraction™ Certification and Training – Trained and certified in the process of attracting perfect customers by Jan H. Stringer and Alan Hickman, Founders: Perfect Customers, Inc.


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