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Seeking people that you want to come into your life, such as your perfect Soul-Mate/partner, a perfect Customer/client, and yes, a perfect Buyer for your home, are examples of people you will likely desire to attract during your life-time.

Have you ever had the experience of finding someone, say a spouse or a partner or a client, and they weren’t so perfect? In fact, they were everything but perfect! Then you became very cautious and swore you would NEVER do that again! And then, the ‘wrong’ person showed up again, only maybe a little worse the next time.

How did you go about finding this person? Did you search the internet, join net-working groups hoping to find clients or customers, or work with a Realtor to list your home for sale, hoping they would have the ‘magic bullet’ and sell your home quickly for top dollar? Have you had difficulties attracting certain people into your life, and you are desperate to figure this out, yet you just don’t know how?

I had 3 painful marriages that ended in bitter and painful divorces. With each new husband, I thought that I had found ‘Mr. Right’. Unfortunately, I kept attracting and being attracted to ‘Mr. Wrong!’ If that has ever happened to you, I DO know your pain, disappointment, and frustration, to say the least!

The good news is, I finally did attract Mr. Right. However, I had to change ME from the inside-out. I was looking in all of the wrong places, hoping to find what I was looking for. What I came to learn was nothing short of a miracle. That is what I am here to help you with, not only to become ‘magnetic’ for the person you seek to attract, but to become ‘magnetic’ to everything you desire to experience in your life.

If you are reading this right now, I suspect that you are currently trying to find that perfect someone(s):

  • Ideal Buyer for your home
  • Perfect Soul-mate/partner
  • Ideal Client/customer

And, you are having a very difficult time. You are feeling very frustrated and disappointed that all of your efforts to do the right things, go to the right places, or hire the best Realtor, etc., are not working. If this is true for you, then you’re in the right place! 

In my early days, as a most dedicated, metaphysical student, (30 years ago and long before movies like “The Secret” came out) I practiced how to use the power of universal laws to my advantage rather than to my disadvantage, which I had unknowingly done for so much of my life. I wanted to “BE” the conscious co-creator of my life instead of being the “victim” I had experienced myself to be for so much of my life. 

I practiced what I was learning by attracting buyers to my homes, and I did this in 30 days, regardless of the market. And, my homes were not in the average price range that tended to sell faster, either. They were expensive custom homes that I had designed and built. And, I sold my custom homes for a perfect price for me and for my buyers every time!

I captured exactly what I did, from the inside-out: to sell my homes and to find a perfect new property to build on, all in record-breaking time. I also came to realize that my soulful calling had everything to do with helping others to “BEcome” the authentic, powerful co-creators of their lives. My mission became clear, and my message emerged out of my ‘mess’. We are all powerful, individual expressions of the ONE Source of all there is, I all God. Our pain is meant to ‘birth’ us into the powerful, God-expressed individuals that we really are.

I have created my R-E-L-E-A-S-E and R-E-C-E-I-V-E formulas which apply to anything you want to draw into your life and anything you want to sell or let go of. The truth is, these processes are about YOUR transformation; they are about changing how YOU see yourself and what YOU believe about your world, the universe, your supreme power, your God-Source.

Magnetic attraction is an inside job, first and foremost! It’s all about healing from your past, fear-based conditioning and growing into your greater Self. You are designed to be GREAT!

The elements of these processes are what I used to attract my soul-mate husband of 24 years! And, remember, I told you about my serious challenges with attracting ‘Mr. Right’. I coupled my R-E-L-E-A-S-E and R-E-C-E-I-V-E formulas with a powerful process that came to me one very “dark night” so many years ago, Alchemy of the Shadow. I wrote about this in my recent book, “Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt: Ascend out of fear and conflict into confidence and authentic power.

Private Coaching, Mentoring, and Training For Conscious Deliberate Creating 

To discover if my 3-6-12 month private, transformational coaching, mentoring, and training programs or packages are what will most benefit you with what you want and need right now, I invite you to schedule a free consultation appt. with me. 

Together we will determine if what I offer will MOST benefit you at this time in your life to attract the Perfect Person or experience into your life. I will be honest and let you know if you are an ideal candidate for my transformational offerings. You will come away with clarity about what you need to rise above your current circumstances, attract what you want, and soar into the life you were meant to live as the person YOU really are!

Give yourself an opportunity to experience miracles in your life. You deserve them; you are meant to have them!

A Miracle Story. . .

“We put our home on the market in April, in the hottest market in our area in 7 years thinking it would sell within days for a hefty profit.  The house sat on the market, no one showed it, we were at a total loss. We began by lowering the price, then fixing the trouble spots, all the while wondering why no one would come see our home.  

Flash forward to August – still no sale, we had invested another $10k in repairs, dropped the price $200k and were at risk of all our dreams falling apart.

I had a friend who had been going through a similar situation in England, and she told me that she had been connected to Judy Katz. Within a week of working with Judy her house went into contract and she was working on finding her next home. She offered to connect us with Judy.  I was hesitant, how could someone make that big a difference in that short amount of time?  But we set up an appointment for the following week, what could it hurt?”

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