Have you ever considered that your desires are gifts from the Universe? They are meant to inspire you to release and surrender your survival personality and to embrace the power and freedom of who you really are? I refer to this as ‘Desire Intelligence.’

Isn’t it true that you just want to be free when you feel trapped or stuck and you want to be powerful when you are getting nowhere? I do know how exhausting it is to be reactive to unwanted circumstances and difficult people. It’s like running in circles and putting out fires.

Fear will tell you that you are free from being a victim if you get angry, forceful, and controlling. The truth is, a fear-based belief system will keep you on guard and away from what you desire. Anger makes you think you are powerful if you push or take control. Not much freedom in that, is there?

Your desires hold the essence of your genius free Self, your divine nature. The essence of your desires is the Universe calling your genius-Self forth. Did you ever have a desire that wasn’t intended to make you feel better about yourself somehow?

Pay attention to how you want to feel if your desires were realized. You will become aware of your protective survival personality which doesn’t feel that way at all.

I wanted desperately to attract my soul-mate. Even though I had experienced several hurtful relationships and heart-breaking divorces, my desire for a soul mate wouldn’t let up. I wanted to feel safe, cherished, loved, and care-free.

My desire was serving me to pull me out of my survival personality that believed I had to be guarded with men because they would use me, betray me, and leave me. I couldn’t trust because I subconsciously expected the past to repeat itself.

Once I allowed my desire intelligence to guide me, a transformation took place and the lights came on. I met my soul mate husband two weeks later and that was 20 years ago!

I became the essence of my desire. I was in alignment with my Source and to my desire. That was my true gift. It can be yours, as well.
Your unlimited imagination together with your higher emotions are the realm of Divine unconditional love, infinite possibilities, and creative power. This realm of the Divine is REAL and It is within you always. You are so blessed to have this creative power.

Use it wisely!

Caution: Doing this practice is a MUST if you ever want to get beyond your unwanted current circumstances and realize something greater in your business and in your personal life.