The term “escrow” that I’m using comes from the real estate industry, my previous long time career. I actually owned an escrow company.

One of our functions was to hold warranty deeds in escrow for properties that buyers purchased from sellers. At such time as purchasers paid off their real estate contract loan balances, they received the warranty deed to their properties; they would then own it!

The reason I am using the term “escrow” as a metaphor is because I see your un-manifested desires similar to the properties that purchasers wanted to own. You must increase your emotional capacity to have what you want, to believe you deserve it, and to trust that what you want already exists for YOU. That’s your payment in full, so to speak. Your desire is in your personal Universal Escrow Account! (If you follow Abraham-Hicks, it is the vortex that she speaks about.)

In short, the moment that you can accept the Truth that who you are is deserving, is capable of achieving and attracting what you want, and that your desires already exist completely for you, you shall have them. This transformation is the gift that your desires bring.

The secret is, by up leveling your core identity (who you think you are) as a loving, deserving, powerful, and abundant person who is always connected to the Source Energy of power, love and creativity, just to mention a few, that is your payment in full. Your desires will be then be released to you! Without this work, your desires will elude you in the long-run. You will struggle to attain and maintain what you want.

Here’s the problem. From my own experience in working with myself and others for over 17 years in manifesting desires, I find that we all have an initial identity crisis when it comes to expanding who we think we are and living a life greater than we currently are living.

So what can you do about this dilemma?

  • Accept your current beliefs about who you think you are, what you deserve, and what exists for you. (Your current circumstances will reveal this data)
  • Embrace the Truth that who you are is a spiritual being having a human experience. You are connected to the Source of all there is, therefore you naturally possess Divine Source qualities inherently, unconditionally.
  • See yourself enjoying what you want. Yes, visualize that you have your desire. Create a snippet of you enjoying your desire.

You see, the practice of seeing yourself greater and more deserving than your old beliefs and ideas of who you think you are, is akin to you making monthly payments toward your desires in escrow.

You must pay in full by becoming the person who can achieve, attract, and who deserves what you really want, easily and effortlessly. In other words, you MUST come to know and embody the TRUTH of who you really are: A powerful, divine creator! 

To learn more about how to do this, please visit my Course Library and check out my online course, “Make It REAL.’ This program is designed to help you take ‘ownership’ of your desires and to manifest them into your life!

To your prosperity, freedom & joy,