What if you could cut the strings to your fight/flight, self-protecting survival habits that are not serving you?

Actually, these habit patterns are repelling your prosperity and abundance, your peace and harmony with others, and your health and well-being.

If you’re waking up at 3:00 am worrying about not having enough of something, like money, clients, love and connections, you name it, you know what it is, then you are lucky. Yes, I said lucky. Do you want to know why? Well, I’m saying you’re lucky because you are being shown something that you are refusing to look at during your busy day. You will ultimately need to release this because it no longer serves you. This is not loving to you nor is it helping you to thrive.

Why else is this good news? Well, you are being given an opportunity to release yourself from the habit of worrying about a worse-case scenario that your fearful state of mind has conjured up about you and your future.

Why is that good news? Please stay with me here. It is good news because you have an opportunity to wake up from this negative, limited, imagined nightmare.

From this insight and awareness, you can consider a possible scenario that is far more favorable to you and much more aligned with the highest and greatest YOU; a YOU that you like and love, a YOU that is resourceful and filled with the infinite intelligence of the Universe/God. A YOU that knows you can handle anything because you are not alone or separate from your inner strength and power.

Fear is generated within you when you believe you can’t handle something that you are imagining and it’s making you afraid. You become trapped in an imagined reality in which you see yourself alone and powerless.

The best news is, you have a love and a power inside of you that is with you in your darkest hours. You may not be aware of It, but It surely is aware of you, and It calls you back to your truth through your deepest desires.

The greatest news is, you can begin to become aware of this loving power, God/Universe, when you do this one unpredictable act:

ACCEPT WHAT IS IN THE MOMENT WITHOUT JUDGMENT. You cannot change anything that you cannot accept.

This means that you must first accept any negative emotions and thinking that you become aware of within yourself. This is likely the first ‘stuff’ you have to accept and not make wrong. Accept your unacceptable!

Your unlimited imagination together with your higher feelings and emotions are within the realm of Divine unconditional love, infinite possibilities, and creative power. This realm of the Divine is REAL and It is within you always. You are so blessed to have this creative power.

Use it wisely!