In all of the 20+ years that I have been teaching, coaching, and mentoring people to attract their heart’s desires and to realize their dreams, I’ve noticed something very critical that impacts how easily and quickly some people’s desires are manifested, and how long and difficult other desires seem to take to be realized, if at all.

I know this dilemma personally from my own life. What I have discovered is, when my desires are from my ego and my survival personality, which is fearful, doubtful, extremely cautious, and distrusting, my desires never come into my life, at least they don’t show up easily, nor do they bring me joy and peace, if I manage to ‘will’ them into being at all. In other words, if I do ‘make them happen’ with a lot of efforting and control, they sometimes finally come; however, if they do, I am still not happy or satisfied. In fact, my experience gets worse over time and, in these cases, I always lose ground. Things get MUCH worse!

When my desires are truly from my heart, from a place of truly wanting to give or to receive, that place in which I fully give myself permission to receive from love, I am unattached to my outcomes, and my heart-felt15-stretch-yourself desires show up as miracles in perfect timing. They are better than what I hope for. My burning desires have a different intention behind them than my ego desires which feel urgent, reactive, that need to prove that I am worthy, that I matter, that I am powerful, connected, capable, and deserving. Whew!

Now, you might be thinking, oh no, my desires to save me from financial ruin, or my desires to release me from being in a relationship that I no longer want, or the desires that give me a sense of freedom and abundance, etc., they all feel real. You might be thinking, I can’t let these go. . .

No problem. Our ego-desires bring the potential to heal and to grow us. I think this is the miracle of our most challenging desires. It is God’s invitation for us to BEcome our greater, authentic Selves. I believe that God is calling our higher Self into being through our desires, to become who we really are beyond our limited and fearful conditioning. How cool is that!

The gift of our ego desires, when we are awake and aware, show us where we need to heal and to grow. This is quite common and very normal. What isn’t common and normal is to do the internal work to transform our fearful, doubtful, limiting ego desires into the desires of the soul. I see these two very different types of desires as not being mutually exclusive at all. We just have to be aware and awake as to what is actually happening. What do you believe about where you think your desires come from? And, if your desires haven’t materialized, what do you make this mean? Can you consider that this feedback is a message for you to do your inner work of transformation and expansion, and to own the Truth of who you really are?

It is easy to buy into the normal beliefs and justifications as to why your desires haven’t manifested. The list of reasons goes on and on. And, they sound so logical. There is a lot of evidence supporting this because so many people are victims to their outer conditions ruling their life. We have bought into these reasons as being normal and true. And, they are only true at a victim level of awareness.

As consciously evolving people, we will not allow the outer circumstances to doop us into believing that we are victims of the economy, of others, of anything outside of us. The only thing keeping our desires apart from us are our internal deep, energetic patterns of survival habits and fear-based beliefs and false identities. This goes way beyond our mind-set.

Please, I would love your input on this idea, and I would love to hear about your desires that you have manifested as a result of your internal transformation, your love and knowing your truth. I love this support and validation for us all.

Please share your comments!