This is an exciting time for many of us. You might be wondering how I can say that, considering many of the dark challenges we have faced during this past year. Many heinous acts have broken our hearts and have saddened us deeply as a people.

Imagine if you could see what is really going on behind the scenes. Perhaps Mother Nature is birthing a new era of people who can do ‘Human’ exceptionally well. Could it be that the most divine thing you can do is to be a ‘New Human’ and live from your higher conscious awareness, perspective, and spiritual knowing?

Human Beings have been here for thousands and thousands of years.

So, what’s so new about us anyway? Well, I’m not really suggesting that human beings are new, and then again, maybe I am. What I am saying is that our awareness of who we really are and what we believe is possible is new. This awareness is evolving and expanding for many of us today.

We have all made up who we think we are, what we believe we’re capable
of, and what our lives could ultimately look like.

We did this primarily from the ages of 1-7 years old. This stage of our lives was a prime time in our development.

Our experiences, the ones that were highly emotionally charged and repeated, served to influence our current view that we have of ourselves in relationship to others in the world. Limiting beliefs and protective vows were installed deep within our brains. We certainly didn’t realize back then, that the details of our imaginings, which described what was taking place and why, would have had such a long-term, negative effect on our lives.

The Truth is, we are living with these effects today. It shows up in our physical health, our interpersonal relationships, our careers and businesses, and in our finances, both personal and business.

What area of your life is most challenging for you right now?

What if this challenge is the opportunity for you to up level yourself into becoming a ‘New Human.’ Your current challenge, whether it is with your health, relationships, money, your business, or career, could be in your life for this very important reason. It is here to help you know who you really are and to see what is possible for you, not to be limited by the experiences that you were exposed to at such an early age.

So, what does being a ‘New Human’ look like and feel?

• Being a ‘New Human’ is someone who has become conscious of their old habit patterns of beliefs and their emotional reactions to external triggering situations or the behaviors of others.

• They take full responsibility for how they impact others and how their impact effects the environment.

• They know and practice the art and science of transformation and healing.

• They maximize their knowledge of Universal Principles of Mind and create a life of meaning, purpose, and wealth in all areas of their life, while making a beneficial difference in their lives as well as the lives of others.

• The New Human is no longer completely hijacked by their imagined threats of daily life. They take responsibility for what their life experience is and act from their highest perspective and awareness.
• The New Human no longer blames others for their unhappiness and their less-than-desired life. They care about improving their lives, as well as making a beneficial difference in the lives of others.

• They live from the awareness that we are all connected and act accordingly.

• The ‘New Human’ deliberately co-creates their own reality through collaboration, abundance, and the fundamental choice of free-will.

• They respect the divine nature that all things come together for the highest good FOR ALL!

‘New Humans’ know and embrace the truth that they are spiritual beings having a human experience! They are truly joyful and free from the shackles of their past.

‘New Humans’ experience freedom, love and connection, abundance, and self-fulfillment.

They truly experience heaven on earth!

 If you are interested in joining me in this revolution-of-being, I invite you
to make the decision today, to participate in learning more about this exciting
time and to discover what is truly possible for you.

Please, don’t be left behind. Your old ways of succeeding through force,
control, and the competitive orientation of win/lose will not continue to work
in this evolving time.

Dealing with conflict and change, as we have done in the past, operating from
fight, flight, or freeze reactions, will only bring more conflict, leaving nothing
changed for the better. Yes, things have already changed, have you?

What do you do next? (You’ll know if this message is for you.)

1.) Choose an area of your life that is challenging you right now, i.e. health,
finances, key relationships, your career or business.

2.) What could be the opportunity for you to become a “New Human’ in this
area of your life? Discover if you are responding to this area from the
fight/flight/freeze automatic reactions.

3.) Take the next step to really pay attention to what this ‘problem or challenge’ is revealing about ways in which you are seeing yourself that is not loving and powerful.

3.) Write down (20) things that you would love to experience within the area you are currently being challenged. Begin NOW to imagine new possibilities, rather than tolerating or resisting ‘the problem.’

4.) Most importantly, know, you are bigger than the circumstances that are troubling you.

If you know this is your time to awaken and live from your highest Self of love, prosperity, and joy, and you know that you want and need help to accelerate this process, please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation that will show you the best way you can accomplish this.

Love and blessings,

PS Please leave me a comment about your awakening experiences. Was this blog post helpful?