I recently posted this testimonial on the Hero’s Wall with ChildUSA.org in response to the recent many breakthroughs for victim’s of sexual abuse and assault, myself included, to have the courage and support to SPEAK UP AND EXPOSE THIS ISSUE for the purpose of change through the movement of “Time’s Up!” and #metoo!

JUDY K. KATZ “I wish to nominate myself for the Wall of Heroes in support of declaring “victory” for the precious victims of childhood sexual abuse. I was a 12 yr. old victim of sexual abuse by my father. I spent decades trying to hide from the shame and guilt that plagued me as a result of the experience and mostly, as a result of the negative conditioning of my mind that came from my childhood sexual abuse.

My life was a mess, particularly when it came to my intimate relationships. I desperately wanted love in my life, and I was terrified of it at the same time. The effects of my negative conditioning carried throughout my adult life until I turned 39. That’s when I fell into the darkest and most shameful night of my soul. It was really the best/worst thing that happened to me, while I certainly didn’t feel it was best for me at that time.

My daughters lives were drastically impacted by the poor choices I was making, and at my lowest point, I was suicidal and deeply depressed. I felt so incredibly alone, unlovable, powerless, and my self esteem was at its lowest. I was buried by the boulder of shame. I can honestly now say, after a fierce journey into the depths of my mind and soul, I am free and happy!

I have a fabulous marriage of 25 years, I love what I do in helping others to be freed from their past, fear-based conditioning, and, most of all, I finally love and respect who I am. My relationship with with my God/Creator is beautiful and amazing. I credit my spiritual journey for leading me into the shameful dark places within me with love and compassion. This is what allowed me to heal and transform the negative conditioning from my past abuse into the truth of who I really am, a powerful co creator with God.

I am no longer imprisoned by my shame and desperate attempts to “look good” to be right with and safe in the world. While, make no mistake, this is a life long journey, and for me, a very spiritual one, and is SO worth it. A huge part of my work today, and has been for the past 25 years, is dedicated to helping others be freed from their negative conditioning and thrive as a creator in their life rather than be victim to their past abuse and the detrimental conditioning that comes from this level of abuse of power, disrespect, and betrayal by a parent or caregiver.

Spiritual EmpowermentI declare “victory” for healed survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It is time to know our divine inner power, that we are indeed loved and lovable, that we are valuable, we are greater than any and all circumstances that we have ever encountered, and that we have the power to transform any past conditioning that renders us as a powerless victim which is less than the truth of who we truly are. Because of the reigning power of divine love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness, healing is real and is available to everyone. It is a choice, a fierce choice that can save your life! It did mine!

My dream is that every victim of childhood sexual abuse be healed and to know how magnificent they are, how powerful they are, how lovable they are! That victims can and are born to become the creators they were born to be! Yes! My heart-felt thanks to CHILD USA for creating this platform so we may inspire others to take back their power and thrive.

Perpetrators need to be aware of the profound, life-long, negative impact that childhood sexual abuse creates for their victims as a result of the detrimental mental conditioning/programming that occurs when this level of gross abuse of power, betrayal, violation, and disrespect happens to a child, especially when the child is told, “don’t tell.”

It’s time to speak up, and I am. Yes, our laws need to change and we need to take a stand for the children who are currently being abused. We must help them be safe and secure. They need to know it’s NOT their fault. They deserve to be loved and supported when they speak up.

To the adult survivors, please, I invite you to be courageous and do the inner work that is necessary to free yourself from the negative, limited conditioning that causes suffering and shame. Let’s not let this happen to our future generations of children. There is a better way. I thank God every day that I know who I really am and what I’m really made of, LOVE, and you are too!”

If this is you too, I invite you to grab a copy of my book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt:Ascend out of fear and conflict into confidence and authentic power.” You will read about my journey that lead me into wholeness, power, and love. You will come away with what you can do to become the powerful, co-creator of your life by design, rather than living a life by default from the fear-based, past conditioning that comes from sexual abuse and any fear-based experience that rendered you a victim of the gross misuse of another’s power over you.