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This week’s question comes from Mark in Co.


I’ve been working with a woman for a long time, long enough that I would think she could trust me to do my job extremely well. Yet, she questions me, checks up on me, and then apologizes to me (sometimes) because I have done my job 99% of the time.

This makes me crazy. How can I find peace? I love my job, I just can’t take this distrust anymore.


Mark, thank you so much for asking this question. There are many people who find themselves working with and for people who have difficulty trusting others. The absence of trust creates one of the most energy depleting experiences for people in relationship.

When trust isn’t present between two or more people in personal or professional relationships, everything moves like molasses. It’s sticky, slow, and catches everything little thing that comes along in it’s path. Obstacles become greater as time goes on. Everything takes so much more time, energy, and money, have you noticed?

I can appreciate that you feel very frustrated in working with this woman. Here’s your real problem, however. Your experience is being determined by her actions. In other words, you are falling victim to her distrusting nature and denying your power of choice. This is what is draining your energy!

From a higher perspective, I submit to you that you have drawn this person into your life to grow beyond the victim level of awareness. Subconsciously, you have rendered yourself powerless to act resourcefully and to feel grounded and centered. From the victim level of awareness, you can only react in your fight/flight/freeze mode.

Please stay with me here. I am offering you a perspective that can free you from this emotional prison that uses resistance to keep you locked in. I would never want that for you or anyone. The truth is, you are most likely trapped in the Power Struggle stage of your relationship with your business partner. Where else in your life might you be stuck in this stage?

This is your inner work. If you are ready to be free from the pain of your victim perspective, I recommend you start by doing the following each day:

  1. Decide that you are now taking full responsibility for your life.
  2. Become aware of everyone and everything you are complaining about.
  3. Acknowledge this activity as the victim’s habit. Stop yourself when you notice that you are in the complaining and “should-ing” mode. Say to yourself, “the victim’s talking.”
  4. Turn your complaints around, i.e. I will trust myself more. I will forgive myself more. I will notice my strengths more. I’ll acknowledge my weaknesses and mistakes without judgment.

Mark, please believe me when I say, this relationship is no accident for you. I celebrate this opportunity for you to claim your powerful, undefended, unjustified Self. This is who you really are. You are not your victim perspective. It is merely a level of awareness that every human being experiences in their life. You are not alone.

Once you can accept yourself just as you are, you will find that your world will mirror that back to you, as well. Please know, it is from the energy of acceptance that your gut will inform you of the ‘just right’ time and the ‘just right’ words, given the opportunity presents itself for you to have a heart-felt conversation with your business partner, one that moves your relationship forward into more cooperation and trust.

Just remember, when it comes to doing things from your logic and will power versus what you subconsciously believe, what you subconsciously believe will WIN OVER, hands down, every time!

This truth is why your quest is well worth making. I believe it is your soul’s desire to do so. It is a MUST if you want to live the life you were born to live and to be the grandest, prosperous YOU that is YOU!

My best to you for all of the peace, abundance, and joy that you deserve!

In love and abundance,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

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