We put our home on the market in April, in the hottest market in our area in 7 years thinking it would sell within days for a hefty profit.  The house sat on the market, no one showed it, we were at a total loss. We began by lowering the price, then fixing the trouble spots, all the while wondering why no one would come see our home.  

Flash forward to August – still no sale, we had invested another $10k in repairs, dropped the price $200k and were at risk of all our dreams falling apart.

I had a friend who had been going through a similar situation in England, and she told me that she had been connected to Judy Katz. Within a week of working with Judy her house went into contract and she was working on finding her next home.  She offered to connect us with Judy.  I was hesitant, how could someone make that big a difference in that short amount of time?  But we set up an appointment for the following week, what could it hurt?

As we were awaiting our call with Judy, over the weekend we had a flurry of activity including 2 buyers that said they were going to make offers. We got all excited. Then both of those offers disappeared, one changed their minds and the other made an offer so low it would even cover our investment, no less position us to achieve our dream move.  

My husband and I were in despair, scared the house would never sell, worried about our financial situation, and desperately wanting to complete our move to our new home.  All of our hot buttons were triggered.  We were at wits end with no idea of what to do.

We had our first session with Judy, and she wasn’t at all what I expected.  We talked about our situation with her and rather than focus on what to do next with the house, Judy turned our focus to ourselves and what we were doing that was getting in the way of manifesting our dreams.  

susanandmartindecom2012She taught us to recognize when we were not operating from our best self, and that by shifting our beliefs and clarifying our intentions we could manifest exactly what we were wanting to create.  From that place of manifestation we began taking action that made it clear to the universe what we were asking.  

The following Sunday a real estate agent called to say someone had seen the house in July and was back from holiday and had decided they wanted to buy the house.  Monday they made a full-price offer.  It was incredible.

The story’s not over there.  We continued our journey with Judy, meeting weekly.  Each time a road block came up, it was as if the Universe was training us in this new way of manifesting.  We would meet with Judy, work through her process, and the road blocks would resolve in our favor.  

 These lessons came through our experiences.  Judy was there by our side for each crisis, using the combination of her own personal magical ability to inspire, and her wonderfully easy and practical process.  

The experience of learning what it meant to take personal responsibility for what we were manifesting, combined with the love and support that Judy provided combined to allow us to sell our home, move, find our new home, and finally complete the huge shifts in our life and lifestyle that we had dreamed of making, all of this within about a month and a half of working with Judy.  Compare that to the prior 4 months, where almost nothing happened.

We are continuing to work with Judy to focus now on our next big dream of building and growing our non-profit.  We have decided to hire Judy to be our life-cheerleader – and meet regularly with her to stay on track, continue our personal growth and manifest the next much bigger part of our vision.

Thanks Judy – you are magic!

Susan Fisher

9 Energies


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