Listen Now….

Oh yes, it’s the beginning of a new year and for many, it marks the beginning to make significant changes to improve health, get fit, get a handle on finances, increase business, improve relationships, to be a better person. . . The list goes on.

Have you noticed that your commitment and determination to make the changes you know you need to make start off strong, and then you bump right back into your old habits which take you back into your old life again?

Not to worry, you’re not alone. We all know what it’s like to lose interest in our New Year’s resolutions and to fall back into our old ways.

I’m sure that you mean what you say, but do you have trouble following through with what you say?

I caution you to please refrain from any temptation to dismiss this notion as something you’ve heard a thousand times before.  The secret I am about to share with you will give you the power and energy to move beyond your breakdowns. Imagine, no longer being bullied by the habit of beating yourself up or giving up on yourself and on what you desire. Yes, there is a “better way!”

It’s very important to recognize when you have entered into a breakdown pattern. Breakdowns are normal when you are improving important areas of your business and your personal life. It’s best to plan for them so you won’t get trapped in them.

It’s quite easy to recognize when you’ve fallen back. First, you feel bad. You know those negative emotions you would rather not feel. You become aware that you have broken your promise to yourself, i.e. perhaps you were going to stop overspending or eating sweets, etc. and you’d start saving money, eating healthy and exercising, etc.

Then, you might notice that you’re telling yourself mean and nasty things like what a failure you are; you’ll never break through and achieve what you really want. Or, you might give up and say to heck with it! You then have to pretend that you don’t care about having what you thought you wanted. You might tell yourself that it just isn’t worth the effort. Sound a bit familiar?

Relax, this is what happens to us in our breakdowns. We go to war with ourselves and either fight in our own battle to change, or we flee from the idea of what we want and pretend that we don’t care. We can also become paralyzed and run around in circles. At this point, our basic fight/flight/freeze survival reactions take us over.

The Breakthrough – Supercharge yourself, your dreams and goals!

Here are the steps to do just that – Breakthrough and Supercharge!

  • Identify that you are in a breakdown with an attitude of grace and acceptance
  • Decide to stay in the game and to participate once again
  • Stop making yourself wrong; and Stop blaming yourself
  • Surrender your fight completely, relax and breathe deeply
  • Forgive yourself, you’re human. Appreciate that you do have dreams and goals! You are growing into your new desires and goals. Give this time.


  • Remember and acknowledge WHAT you are committed to and WHY!!!  Why is what you want important to you? Write down everything. What does having what you want mean about you and for you?
  • Ask for support from your coach, your friends, your master mind partners, anyone you trust that has your best interest in mind.
  • Break down the next most powerful step toward your goal and take it right away. You are once again on your way!

To your prosperity, freedom & joy,