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This week’s question comes from Anne in Co.


“I work on a sales team and I always intend to wish my team members success. I never discuss my pending sales with them or how much I have sold, yet my team members do. Maybe they are trying to impress me, maybe not.”

“When they do share their sales numbers, and I haven’t been as busy, I become annoyed and a little jealous. I worry why I’m not as busy as they are, and then I blame myself for not doing enough. I really don’t like this feeling. I want to understand and stop what is going on with me. Can you help me, please!”


My dear Anne, you are so not alone! I’m hearing that you are wanting to stop being jealous of other peoples’ success, particularly when you are not experiencing your own. Jealousy is a painful emotion to experience, and I commend you for wanting to change this in yourself.

Actually, this issue comes straight out of a belief that suggests you are not as good as others, perhaps you are “less than” when it comes to financial success. I say this because success in others is triggering a negative reaction in you when you decide you’re not “matching up.” I would bet that you’ve had this feeling from a very young age. Perhaps you have compared yourself to one of your siblings growing up?

What you are doing in your mind is playing the win/lose comparison game which carries a negative judgment about the loser, in this case, you. Your habit of determining your self-worth and value based upon what other people have or don’t have is denying your intrinsic worth. It is ignoring the Truth about who you really are.

I recommend you do this exercise ASAP. Your peace depends on it.

  1. Acknowledge that you do have a desire to be successful, and celebrate that.
  2. Recognize and accept that you deeply believe that you are “not good enough” or that you are “less than.” The trappings of success and being busy are being used as a strategy within your subconscious mind to make you feel like you are “good enough.” This is a survival strategy that I lovingly refer to in my work as “small trying to get big.”
  3. Make a decision that you are going to stop using financial success and being busy as a means to determine your intrinsic self-worth. Let it go now. Be willing to release it, don’t try to get rid of it. This is NOT the truth of who you are.

Being aware and accepting your subconscious busy – success strategy, which is only intended to “make you worthy,” will bring you peace. Each time you feel jealous of others, embrace your desire to be successful for a better reason than to make you feel “good enough.”

I challenge you to reach for the Truth of how worthy you are and the valuable contribution that you make to others. Love and contribution is your highest vibration. It is the vibration that will bring you the peace and freedom that you seek. This is the gift your jealousy is bringing you at this time.

Just remember, when it comes to doing things from logic and will power versus what you subconsciously believe, what you subconsciously believe will ALWAYS WIN OVER, hands down, every time!

This is a quest well worth making. I believe, it is your soul’s desire to do so. It is a MUST if you want to live the life you were born to live and to be the grandest, prosperous YOU that is YOU!

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My best to you for all of the peace, abundance, and joy that you deserve!
In love and abundance,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

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