Do you want to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price?  “Are you really Ready to release your home and sell?” There is power in knowing the real answer to this question.

It seems obvious that the initial reaction to this question, if you’re wanting to sell your home, would be, “YES!” Well, it’s been my experience, in working with myself and others, that what we are consciously “Ready” for might not be what we are subconsciously “Ready” for. We can have a deeper, counter-intention that will interfere with our ability to move forward and not know it. I submit that this is true far more often than you might realize.

My husband and I decided that we wanted to move out of the first home that we built together after we were married. It was in this home that we started our life together. So many wonderful memories. He was so proud of all the landscaping we had done together. It was beautiful, AND it didn’t have the expansive view that I wanted, and the house didn’t flow from the kitchen into the living area well at all. I needed to feel more space around me.

In that we loved to entertain, this was a really BIG problem, mostly for me. Meanwhile, out of the blue, we found our new ‘dream home.’ And, it was Jan. 3rd! Not exactly a prime selling time according to popular beliefs. I knew that if we didn’t sell our home ASAP, we might lose the opportunity to buy it. It was a model home, and it was perfect in every way.

I affirmed my standard declaration, “My home will be sold in 30 days or less in the highest good for all concerned.”

And, the clock started ticking. iStock_000006779783XSmallInto week 2, with not a lot of activity or an offer, it occurred to me that Arny, my hubby, hadn’t yet released our house emotionally. I was feeling like an unattached seller, he was still feeling like a very attached owner. I asked him about his ‘readiness’ to release our house and he realized that he felt very sad about it. That confused him. How could he feel sad and at the same time, want to release it? A part of him was holding on tight to his fond memories.

After a deep dive with me into his emotional self, he discovered that he did have the capacity to feel his sadness fully. He could say goodbye to the past, feel sad at the same time, and be happy about moving. I just reminded him he had to go through a little grieving process. . .It didn’t take long at all!

Well, needless to say, Boom! It sold the next week! And, we bought our dream home which are are still loving to this day.

iStock_000005872706XSmallDo you have any stories of this happening for you? It is so inspiring when we hear others’ experiences of selling from the “Inside-Out” by adopting a “Seller’s Mindset!”

Please, leave me a comment about your miracle-selling experiences! Let’s all stay inspired as co-creators of our lives!


Blessings and miracles,