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How we achieve our results and whether or not we enjoy the process, determines the effectiveness of our ability to change. Have you ever been to a health practitioner or doctor and you felt like they saw you as a ‘thing’? You were asked the right questions, you were given the right treatment, yet, you felt horrible. You never wanted to call them again. You felt like another number in the system.

If you had dental work done and the dentist wasn’t sensitive to your pain while he administered your treatment, would you go back, even if he delivered the results that he (she) promised? I haven’t and I wouldn’t, how about you?

I believe choosing a coach and mentor should be like that for you too. Regardless if they are competent to give you their promising systems and programs, have they connected and bonded with you as a real person?

The relationship actually provides the context for you to feel safe, take risks, and make the changes that you need to get the results you are after. If you are acting out of fear or accountability pressure, you might show up with results temporarily, yet, once the accountability and pressure is off, so are you.

This is not growth, it’s force and manipulation. Many well-intentioned professionals certainly do not intend to be this way for their clients. I suggest that you take responsibility for the relationship that your coach or mentor is offering you. Hold it as important as the value and results you are seeking! It will matter in the long-run.

Here are three (3) ways to know that you can trust someone to help you move beyond where you are now, a coach, mentor, teacher, and trainer.

  1. Establish if you believe that they care about you. Do they have your best interest in mind or their new program? Are they able to communicate this to you? Are you seen as an equal human being or are they portraying themselves to be better than you to maintain their expert status?
  2. Are they reliable? Do they consistently show up for you or do they change their schedule to accommodate their busy calendar?
  3. Are they sincere and believable? Do they consistently sound and act as if they have your best interest in mind or theirs? Do you trust them or are you mesmerized by their success?

These questions are mere guides to provide you a filter to use as you consider reaching out for the help that you need in order to outgrow where you are. We all need someone competent and sincere to help us see what we can’t see. Your relationship and ability to connect with this person has more power than you can imagine. Tap into that power with authentic trust!

Professional coaches and mentors provide a safe relationship for people to feel respected and honored as they move through difficult times of change. This directly affects the results that are possible! It is the epitome of the master mind principle, where two or more come together with one intention and goal. . .

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Here’s to your greatness!