Can you imagine having the freedom to create the love of your life in the face of hurtful memories from past relationships, to create a thriving business or career in which your income is doubled, tripled, or quadrupled in the face of exhausting memories of working so hard that you burned out, to create the beautiful body you’ve always wanted in the face of disappointing attempts to lose weight in the past?


Your painful emotional memories are reports from the past. They cause you to fear intimate relationships, back off of exponentially increasing your net income, and to give up healthy eating and exercise, thinking you won’t lose weight anyway so just indulge.

I get it! I’ve had all of those painful memories and experiences myself. I know how frustrating it is. I also know how fabulous it is to have the love of my life for 24 years, maintain a fit and healthy body, and to do fulfilling work that thrills and supports me in all areas of my life!

You can have this too! You can, and the good news is, your heart-felt desires are waiting for you to just name them, claim them, and feel as if you had them right now. This is why I always say, “Dream it, Own it (give yourself permission to have your desires) and Make it REAL.” (This must happen in your mind at first.)

Your imagination has been given to you to be used to envision what is possible that is most appealing to you! Your imagination is the realm of unconditional loving, divine power. It is the realm of new possibilities! Use it wisely!

Caution: Using your imagination to see what you want is a MUST if you want to get beyond your unwanted current circumstances and realize something greater in your business and in your personal life.

rof5Here’s what I recommend to my clients and I’m sharing with you. First write down all of the experiences, feelings, and emotions that you do NOT want to experience. Then, turn these around. Make a list that represents the opposite of what you don’t want. This list represents what you DO want! Writing out what you desire will help you to “Focus and Feel, Focus and Feel, repeatedly, until, you can easily imagine your desires and experience them emotionally, as if they were already manifested.

This beginning process primes you to access new possibilities that are intrinsically resonate with your heart’s desires. The more you imagine, with your eyes closed, being still and quiet, the more you will acclimate your feelings to the “resonant tone” of your desires. Up leveling YOUR VIBRATION is the point. You are not “making your desire happen.” It exists once you declare it for yourself.

Now that is a quantum idea! Your desires exist when you declare them for yourself. It’s as if you ‘pluck’ what you want out of the divine substance of all possibilities. This is your God-given creative ability that has been given to you, to us all!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein