Here’s what you must do. . .

Until you can transcend your “survival, fear-based habits of thinking and feeling,” what you deeply desire cannot manifest into your life. Your heart’s desires can only be manifested through new possibilities that live in your imagination and resonate with the truth of who you are.

While I have subscribed to Albert Einstein’s quote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” I haven’t always lived as if I really believed it.

Unfortunately, in difficult and stressful situations, my old survival thoughts and feelings have blind-sided me and taken me over. My life has never been pretty when this happens, NEVER!

Once I’m over-taken by my fight/flight emotions and behaviors, I’m no longer being the designer of my life. Instead, I fall prey to being a puppet that is controlled by a forceful and seductive puppeteer.

(The puppeteer is a metaphor to describe my old survival beliefs, habits, and survival emotions from the past.)

Have you ever felt this way, like you couldn’t stop yourself from your old habits of defensiveness, protection, or escape and avoidance? You just couldn’t make yourself change to make your situation better.

It’s very easy to get hijacked by your fight/flight/freeze survival patterns of thinking and emotions, particularly when your energy becomes depleted. When you are overtaken by your survival mode, your mind becomes EXTREMELY limited, negative, and habitual. Unfortunately, you are thrown into this fearful place fast, and everything becomes urgent. You’ll become pushy and controlling or you’ll want to withdraw from what you’re afraid of.

The truth is, my difficult situations and desires never manifest into what I want until I sit down and release myself from being overtaken by my survival patterns of thinking and feeling.

This requires a practice of being mindful with “what is.” Only then do I begin to get my power back. I experience unpredictable miracles and unprecedented manifestations! Believe me, this is so worth it!

To access your own personal Divine FLOW and Power, you must increase your faith and trust in the power that lies within your heart. You cannot become free from the ‘puppeteer’s control just by gathering information in your mind. While that is a start, it most certainly is not the end. Ultimately, you must have the proficiency to “see” what you want in your mind from a state of peace, certainty, and centeredness.

To help you exercise your imagination muscle so it is easier to access when challenges and conflicts show up, I invite you to do this simple process this week with a challenging situation you’re having. . .

The Aikido Method For Change™

  1. Spend each day becoming aware of people and things in your environment that trigger you to feel disempowered, angry, or not good enough.
  2. Patiently observe and feel your survival reactions without judgment and without acting them out externally, like telling someone they made your angry or telling them how to act. Just become consciously aware of what wants to happen internally without externally doing what wants to happen. You’ll likely feel very right(eous), defensive, or you’ll want to run away.
  3. Close your eyes and peacefully access your imagination by asking yourself, “What good is possible in this situation? What else is possible?”
  4. Identify how you want to feel (freedom, joy, satisfaction, etc.)
  5. See and feel your preferred outcome as if it is REAL and your experience is happening now.

Remember, this 5-step process MUST become a repeated practice. Actually, it will become a lifestyle and an identity change. Your imagination is the Divine realm of unlimited, unconditional loving possibilities. You are blessed to have this creative power within you.

Use it wisely!

Judy K. Kztz, MCC, Author

P.S. Doing this practice is a MUST if you ever want to get beyond your unwanted current circumstances.