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This week’s question comes from Addison who resides in San Diego, CA. She wishes to remain anonymous with her contact information.


My challenge is with asking for help and letting go of control. I know I need to reach out because I am stuck in having to accomplish so many things on my daily to-do list. These activities keep me from doing what I know will move me forward in my business. Now, I am reaching out to you for help. Thank you.


Hi Addison,
Thank you so much for bringing this particular challenge forward, because I think many achievers do suffer with not letting go of the need to control and attempting to do everything on their own.

I believe it is essential to first and foremost look at one (1) very important thing that could be causing you to remain stuck in the day-to-day minutia, which is keeping you from doing the important and meaningful things that will ultimately bring you joy and satisfaction.

As human beings, most of us will do more to move away from pain than to move toward pleasure. While this might not make sense to those of us who see ourselves as a being positive, the truth is, our behaviors are not driven by our rational, conscious mind. Out behaviors are driven by our subconscious beliefs and habits, often, our survival habits.

The activities that you believe you must do to move your business forward are most likely causing you fear and anxiety. These emotions will trigger you to revert back to your basic survival coping patterns. You will be driven to move away from the pain of doing the important and productive things, like marketing yourself to prospective clients, reaching out and making more offers, actually, anything that carries the risk of you being rejected or criticized.

I would recommend you do the following inner work to help you overcome your fears of moving forward, rather than forcing yourself to will-power your way through or berating yourself for not doing the important work that moves you forward.

It all starts with an inquiry within yourself. Ask yourself the following questions, and really do this work! Your life, your business, and the people you are here to serve depend on it!

  1. What is the worse thing you can imagine will happen if you do the things you are afraid of doing? How likely is it that these things will happen? AND, can you emotionally handle it if these do, in fact, happen?
  2. What is this pattern of “avoiding what you need to do” protecting you from? In other words, what do you not want to feel? This is the very thing that being distracted by the minutia of daily tasks is actually protecting you from. ( This is likely to be a number one feeling that you absolutely don’t want to feel.)
  3. Name your fear from a place of acceptance. Sit with your truth. This is the first step in transforming your pattern of avoidance. Look into other parts of your life and see if this pattern is showing up there, too.

While you might not think this inner reflection and acceptance is sufficient to change your behaviors, consider this. Does feeling guilty and berating yourself for not doing what you know you need to be doing helping? I suspect not. This is, in fact, what is keeping you stuck – your resistance to what is!

The solution to your challenge is an inside job. Congratulate yourself, Addison, for having the courage to reach out for help, to admit what is going on with you publicly, and for being willing to do your inner work. I salute you immensely!

It takes courage to see yourself in the light of truth, and to accept what you see with compassion and forgiveness. This is the spiritual path and Truth that sets you free from the patterns that no longer serve you. It is then that you can easily and joyfully take the productive, sustainable actions that will move you toward what you really want.

My best to you for all of the success and joy that you deserve!

Love and abundance,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

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