I don’t mean to minimize how difficult the impact is on people emotionally when their desires to have true love, plenty of money, a passionate, successful career, and to live the lifestyle of their dreams continually pass them by. Facing continual disappointments of not having what you really want can be one of the most gut-wrenching experiences that can leave you feeling depressed, hopeless, and alone. I know because I’ve been there!

So much of the first half of my life consisted of heartache after heartache. Life’s disappointments and betrayals eventually brought me into a 5-year, dark night of my soul. What happened to me and what I learned was nothing short of a series of miracles that I still enjoy today! How do you get from catastrophes to miracles?

The number one reason that any of us remain ‘stuck or trapped’ in relationship or money dramas, confusion, anxiety, and disillusionment, is due to one primary thing, resistance. Resistance can be conscious or, as is often the case, unconscious. It robs us of our ability to focus whole-heartedly on and create our dreams and desires.

Resistance can show up in many forms:

  • it’s your internal critic that bombardes you with shoulds, demeaning assessments, and places blame on yourself and others
  • numbing out, minimizing, and distracting yourself to avoid feeling difficult emotions
  • denying yourself from receiving what you really want by ignoring or giving up on your desires and dreams
  • procrastination or failure to honor your word with yourself and with others
  • justifications, excuses, stories that you make up that make you ‘right’ or that make you small and invisible
  • arguing your point and disregarding another’s point-of-view
  • judging and making yourself and others wrong

Well, that’s a lot to honestly look at without resisting the resistance. Can you recognize yourself in any of these? My early life was consumed with all of these, and I wasn’t even aware what I was doing to myself. I just knew I was not joyful and happy, regardless of how successful I was. I was miserable, anxious, and my life felt like a fight that I needed to win so much of the time.

So, I’ve given you the primary reason we get stuck or trapped in unwanted circumstances; now, here is the answer to how you really do get what you want and not be stuck anymore. . .

Stop resisting in all the ways that I have mentioned above. What you resist WILL persist. That’s a universal law. This answer is simple, yet, this could be the most challenging inner work you have ever engaged in. In order for me to have been lifted out of this very dark time in my life, I had to face my inner reality and feel my painful emotions that I had spent so much time running away from and fighting to cover up. I had to face it all with acceptance and loving awareness.

This is why I wrote my book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt: ascend out of fear and conflict into confidence and authentic power. I was blessed to discover how I was ruining my own life, and I was shown exactly what I needed to do and who I needed to BE to turn it all around. It is my soulful calling to help others do this, too.

You CAN and are designed to manifest your heart’s desires regardless of  outer circumstances or previous old conditioning of lack and limitation! Let this be your wake-up call to ascend into your highest and best self.

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