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I’ve been in the personal growth and development industry for over 20 years. If I have heard one thing loud and clear about what it takes to be successful, it’s “take action”! While I totally agree that taking action is needed, I have noticed that there is one action that is not readily identified as being a legitimate action. Know what that is? It’s our conversations, both with ourselves and with others! Think about the power that conversations have in our lives.

Conversations are not typically considered to be actions, yet, how many marriages are performed because two people had a conversation about the possibility and agreed to take further action and be married? Think about the inner conversations that we have with ourselves.

There are conversations that stop us from taking further action and prevent us from realizing our goals and desires. As well, there are conversations that are rich and resourceful and motivate us to move forward toward what we want. Conversations are definitely powerful actions that can move us forward or keep us stuck.

What would you discover if you monitored your daily conversations? What are you saying to yourself and to others? These conversations are listened to and paid attention to whether you realize it or not. Perhaps, you are not always listened to by other people; we have all had those painful conversations; yet, the Universe is always listening to what you say over and over to yourself and to others.

This information may not be new for you; however, are you really using your conversations as a powerful first action toward your goals and desires? Your life, as it stands today, is the culmination of your daily conversations with yourself and with others. Do you need to change the quality of your conversations when it comes to your health, your business success, perhaps your love life!

Only you know the answer to these questions. I invite you to be honest with yourself and pay attention to the type of conversations that you have on a daily basis. Recognizing the conversations you are having is a first step toward success. Having the conversations that move you toward what you want are the second step. I offer the following list of powerful and rich conversations:

  1. Conversations for possibilities;
  2. Conversations about what is not working;
  3. Conversations for what is wanted and not wanted;
  4. Conversations that challenge the status quo;
  5. Conversations that support and empathize;
  6. Conversations that coordinate actions with others;
  7. Conversations for telling the truth about current reality.

This list by no means is the ‘be all, end all’; yet, I believe it includes the most important conversations that we need to have in order to succeed in realizing what we want.

Wealth Practice # 28 – Creating rich, resourceful conversations

  1. Track the type of conversations you have daily. Are they rich and resourceful or do they wreak of blaming and venting?
  2. What conversations are missing (refer to the list above) that the presence of which could make a positive difference in your business and personal life?
  3. Begin a rich conversation today that will move you toward what you really want. Pick one from the list that really speaks to you. Have it now!

Remember, we are what we practice.

Keep wealth as a priority and remember why you want to be wealthy.

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”