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I am confused about the guilt I feel when I attract blessings and abundance. Is there a balancing point or thought? Carol Courcy, MCC, California


Hi Carol! Thanks so much for your question. Actually, I see this so much, feeling guilty for receiving more than we think we deserve or for having more than those close to us or those around us in general.

Feeling guilty for being blessed with plenty of______, (fill in the blank) is really an issue of your perceived value and deservability. Welcome to the “I’m not good enough as I am” tribe! There are many of us with you here.

Guilt is an emotion that tells us we have violated our own rules or beliefs. So, if you are paid more than you think you deserve, maybe money comes too easy, or when people genuinely want to give to you because they so appreciate what you have given to them, you will feel guilty for receiving abundantly because your deeper belief dictates that you have not given enough value.

Therefore, no matter what you give, it is not enough because your belief dictates that you’re not good enough. This triggers a reaction that goes something like, “How dare you receive so much, you didn’t give enough!” Yikes! Waves of guilt sweep over you before you can take your next breath.

The best way to deal with feelings of guilt is to first know they follow a childhood, made up core belief, in this case, that you are not good enough. Instead of being swept away by the belief, ask yourself these questions. They are founded in Byron Katie’s, The Work:

  1. Is it true that you’re not enough?
  2. Can you absolutely know that “you are not enough” is true?
  3. How do you react to the thought, I am not good enough? What happens when you believe that thought? How does it feel when you think that you are not good enough?
  4. Who would you be without that thought, I’m not good enough?” How would that feel and impact your life?

It is important to forgive yourself for having this belief and feelings of guilt. It’s not your fault. Then, I invite you to doubt that the belief is true, rather than doubting yourself as deserving, valuable, and absolutely more than good enough, which you are! You are a divine creation of the Universal Source Energy (God). This is true for us all.

The Universe (God) did not make a mistake in creating you. You are perfect exactly as you are, a vital important aspect of Love that seeks its expression through you! YES! YOU are that great, just by being here on this planet.

I invite you to practice making a list of how you help the people you serve and love. Establish clear boundaries that honor you, and trust that in-so-doing, you are honoring others as well.

Thank you for your rich question. I know it will bring insights to many!

Love and abundance,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

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