I haven’t connected with you online this year, yet; I’ve been working for you intensely!  Actually, I’ve been thinking about you so much that I feel I’ve been with you constantly.

What have been up to? Well….I’ve been creating a 3-part complimentary video training that is designed to help you end the conflict, suffering, and the emotional energy drain that your difficult relationships have on you.  Over the past several years, I have been committed to bringing you a multitude of ways to help you change your relationship with money. I believe that the currency of the future in the 21st century is going to be determined by your ability to emotionally connect and to create rich and powerful relationships in all areas of your life

Creating relationships might seem like a no-brainer to you, however, is it really? I have yet to meet anyone over the past 25 years while I’ve been involved in personal and business growth who have not had major challenges in some relationship in their personal and/or business lives. No one!

Relationship is the fabric of our life. We do not exist alone and separate, even if we feel that we do from time to time. We exist within the framework of relationship, yet, so many of us struggle to feel connected in our intimate, close, and very important relationships.

My intention is to help you realize how stressful relationships can cause huge money leaks in your life, and how they can prevent you from attracting money, love, and all that you truly desire.

Think about what happens to you when you are in conflict with yourself, a family member, or someone that you work with. What happens to your energy level? If you’re like most of us, conflict in your important relationships can zap your energy fast. It does for me.

Do any of the following distractions and survival habits overtake you when you’re upset with yourself, with an important person in your life, or with someone that you work with?

  1. Shopping therapy – buying items that you don’t need or that you can’t really afford
  2. Eating out or drinking more than you are comfortable with – these things can really cost you more, not just your money, but with your health
  3. Spending too much time complaining to your friends about the indiscretions of the person with whom you are in conflict.
  4. Doing mundane, low energy level task work because you are tired, frustrated, and resentful
  5. Withdrawing from making new contacts and lucrative offers to potential clients which would increase your business opportunities
  6. Getting sick often because your body is worn down from the emotional stress of your relationship(s)
  7. Not asking for help and delegating the non-income generating aspects of your business because you are in withdraw mode and you don’t feel like interacting with anyone.

So, there you have just seven (7) out of hundreds of ways that many of us try to deal with the emotional turmoil and discord in our important and significant relationships.

This is a primary reason that money is blocked or leaks out of your life. If you can identify with any one of these behaviors, then it is time to make a change! It just costs way too much, don’t you agree?

I invite you to begin the following practices that will help you  transform your difficult relationships:

Wealth Practice – Relationship Transformation

  1. Write down the names of the people with whom you are having conflict, the ones that you are tolerating and making excuses for, or the ones that are making you crazy.
  2. Decide to address the conflicts, beginning with the most draining. (You know who this is) Identify the nature of the conversations you are avoiding. Your money, your joy, and your rich life depend on it!
  3. Who do you have trouble saying “No” to? Write down the names of the people with whom you have difficulty exercising your boundaries. Start saying “No” to obligatory expectations from others that are draining your energy and consuming your time and money.
  4. Watch for information on my upcoming, unprecedented, 3-part video learning series, Mastering the Art of Relationship, the quantum shift that changes everything!

Relationships are the richest way that we can grow into more of who we really are. I believe it is our divine path to a conscious, prosperous, and joy-filled life.

Peace, happiness, and prosperity begin as an inside job.

There is a better way to succeed and to manifest your heart’s desire. It’s the Aikido Way. More to come soon! This is life-changing and you don’t want to miss it!

You are a treasure to behold, and I behold you as the treasure that you are!

Love and blessings,