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Do you really know all of the ways that you could be throwing money away or how you might be keeping it out of your life? There are five (5) areas in your life where money leaks might be occurring, and these leaks will be disguised as ‘other issues’ for you. These issues can seemingly appear to have no relevance to your money, yet, they profoundly do. They show up as clutter in the following areas:

  • Clutter – environment
  • Clutter – schedule
  • Clutter – your mental and emotional states
  • Clutter – relationships
  • Clutter – finances

Any one of these areas can keep money from coming into your life or can cause money to leak out of your life without you realizing how much and how fast it’s dwindling away. This is not good news, but, there is a way to turn this around!

This week’s focus is to uncover how you are leaking money out of your life by ignoring your finances. This may seem like an obvious money leak, not paying attention to your finances, yet your behaviors with money are very telling as to the kind of relationship you actually do have with your money. Having clutter in your finances translates to having clutter in your relationship with money.

There are (3) three primary ways you can recognize if you have an unhealthy and resistant relationship with money:

  1. You are indifferent about your finances. This shows up by:
    • not paying attention to your bank balances
    • not opening your bills and paying them late
    • being reckless with your spending and creating overdraft charges
    • wasting resources that cost you more money, i.e. leaving lights on, running water too long
    • not having money work for you by not accumulating and growing your money in a savings or investment account
    • basically not caring or giving attention to your finances
  2. You are critical of yourself for not having enough money and of others who seem to have plenty. This shows up by:
    • gossiping critically about others who have the luxuries that money can buy
    • feeling jealous or envious of others’ financial success
    • hoarding money and begrudging how much things cost.
    • blaming or resenting others for ‘charging too much’ with an attitude of superiority
    • maintaining tight control of your money by withholding it from family members or being secretive about your spending
  3. You use money to buy acceptance from others by pleasing or impressing them. This shows up by:
    • giving money away to alleviate guilt
    • not holding yourself or others accountable for unbroken promises to avoid conflict
    • overspending on items that you don’t need but think you should have to ‘look good’
    • not charging more for your services and products out of fear that you will upset your clients
    • picking up the tab because you think you ‘should’ in order to be accepted and thought well of by others
    • not receiving money or help from others well

How you show up in relationship with money is how you show up in relationship with most people. Are you the critic, the pleaser, or are you just aloof and indifferent? These resistant ways-of-being are steeped in fear and reveal a deep sense of inadequacy. Financial clutter can look like money drama and people drama. Having conscious awareness of yourself as a relationship partner with money is the first place to begin if you want to declutter your finances in your business and your personal life.

The Truth shall set you free!

Wealth Practice # 42 – Releasing Clutter – Your Finances

  1. Find yourself in one of the three (3) resistant ways-of-being that you show up with money. Identify exactly how you are manifesting this way-of-being in your life right now. Write it all down. Be honest.
  2. Choose to be a different partner with money rather than one that is in resistance, being critical, being a pleaser, or being indifferent. Identify 3 relationships in your life in which you are showing up the same way.
  3. From your new identity as a loving, caring partner, choose the top three things I have listed or that you know you are doing and change your behavior. i.e. If you break promises to yourself and others, practice keeping your word; if you are being critical of what others are charging, step back and ask yourself what you can learn from them; if you have trouble receiving from others, allow yourself to be gifted to.

Please contact me to schedule a free consultation to discover your next most powerful steps to resolve your conflicts and create rich relationships with money and with the important people in your life. Your peace and wealth depend on it!

Remember, we are what we practice.

Keep wealth as a priority and remember why you want to be wealthy.

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

Judy K. Katz, MCC, RScP
Master Certified Coach