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This week’s question comes from me to you! Be sure to read this article to the end. I have a special offer to help you more.


Do you believe that you can permanently and radically change your financial experience just by:

  • changing your behavior once things get bad enough,
  • having someone to be accountable to,
  • or following what someone else tells you to do?


My response to this question is definitely, “NO YOU CANNOT.” How many times have you made a decision to save money, pay off your debt, stop using credit cards for consumer purchases, or try to implement what a successful mentor tells you to do to increase your income, only to fall back into your old habits when the urgency or pressure goes away?

Please do not feel inadequate if you’ve made a number of failed attempts to change your financial situation by using sheer will power and determination. Making promises to take different actions and being held accountable for those promises is a common practice for many goal setting achievers who want to improve their financial and business lives.

It’s true, in the short-term, you can produce results using these methods, however; to achieve sustainable, long-term results, you cannot fundamentally change your relationship to money, which you must do by the way, by merely changing your behaviors and strategies? Look at your results in the past. Did you fall back when the pressure and urgency was no longer there?

This common approach to change can only create a yo yo effect with your results, in this case, having more money. You might bring in a bunch of money one month, then experience a drought for a few months, then more comes in, and then the drought is back, and so on.

High earning months can create the illusion that you have conquered your financial issue. Then suddenly, a large unexpected bill shows up and eats up your increase. Sooner or later, the drought is back and you get further and further behind.

What creates this yo yo effect to begin with? It actually occurs for a very simple reason. You are taking action from within a conflict between what you want and what your deeply held, protective beliefs want. This is why trying to stay positive about your financial dilemma and focusing on having more money doesn’t work. The hidden intention of your protective belief system will snap you back into your status quo every time. (This is crazy-making. I know, I’ve been there.)

Here is the truth of your situation. Your conscious intention and will power to have more money are driving your new behaviors and actions. Unfortunately, they only carry 10% of the impact towards you realizing a change for the better.

Your subconscious patterns of protection strategies, beliefs, and memories carry 90% of the weight toward whether or not you will reach and sustain your goal to have more money. (This applies to every great thing that you want, like losing weight or attracting your soul mate.)

This is why making a concerted effort to radically changing your behavior and actions without first transforming your inner belief systems, which include who you think you are, are difficult to do and do not produce the long-term results you seek.

Here’s the good news: It is NOT hard to do what works. What is hard is trying to maintain the momentum of taking actions that are in conflict with your closed inner belief system of protection and limitation.

Doing your inner work begins with a very important step that I invite you to take now. It’s actually the first step in my Alchemy of the Shadow™ process. This process is a shortcut that brings you into alignment and out of conflict between your conscious desires and your subconscious belief system. This is your true power – Peace and Alignment with the Truth. (See Judy’s Book to learn more. . .)

My Alchemy of the Shadow™ Process to Power, Freedom, and Prosperity…

    1. Identify what you really want and how you want to feel.
    2. Write this affirmative statement as if you really believe it has already happened. ( don’t worry, you won’t really feel it here.)
      I now have__________ and I now feel________. ( This will bring up your inner resistance to what you want because you don’t really believe this will happen for you, yet. )
    3. Give voice to this resistance by completing this phrase, Yeah BUT. . . The answers will be right there at the top of your mind.
    4. Look at your answers and see them as negative and limiting beliefs about yourself and what you believe isn’t possible. This begins your journey inward.

Just remember, when it comes to doing things from logic and will power versus what you subconsciously believe, what you subconsciously believe will ALWAYS WIN OVER, hands down, every time!

This is a quest well worth making. I believe, it is your soul’s desire to do so. It is a MUST if you want to live the life you were born to live and to be the grandest, prosperous YOU that is YOU!

My best to you for all of the peace, abundance, and joy that you deserve!
In love and abundance,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

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