Through the power of Acceptance, Alignment and Truth

Balanced caryn at the beach during sunset.If you’ve been following my teachings and my work for awhile, you know that I make reference to the fact that we live our lives, not separate and alone, in fact, we exist in relationship with everything. Why is this so important to note, especially at this time? Because, creating rich relationships in all areas of our lives is the new currency in the 21st century.

Without knowing how to influence the dynamics of your relationships in all areas of your life, you won’t be able to experience how great your life can be. Instead, you’ll likely get stuck in the Power Struggle Stage of your relationships. Do you ever wonder why you don’t get the cooperation, acknowledgment, or support that you crave? Do you have difficulty trusting people to help you, to love you, or to contribute to you in some beneficial way? Does money seem to elude you? Do you feel that you have been unplugged from your power?

You might not consider that you are in a relationship with your money. You may have heard me talk about it, yet, have you really mastered this relationship? What about with men, or better yet, with the God of your understanding, the Universe?

Your relationship with money, men (women) and your God have something in common, YOU, the conscious and subconscious aspects of YOU! What you believe about yourself with money, men, and your God is interestingly the same among all three.

The truth is, your struggles and conflicts with money, men (women) and God, or the Universe, etc., are not really about the obvious. Your struggles and strife come from seeing yourself in the world from a victim level of awareness. This subconscious level of awareness dictates your behaviors, generates your emotions, your beliefs, and establishes your values that are important to you.

Now, this is not exactly something you want to hear or even admit to, right? I know, I didn’t either. Not until my upside-down life demanded that I look within myself and take responsibility for my life instead of blaming everything outside of myself. Well, most of all, I had to stop blaming myself.

After all, I was a successful businesswoman, in control and in charge. It’s no wonder I had so many challenges with men. Unknowingly, my protective, “I’ve got it all together, I don’t need anyone” subconscious energy patterns spoke volumes and repelled the very things I really wanted.

In my 30 years of being in the field of personal and spiritual growth, I’ve yet to meet anyone who has willingly accepted their victim level of awareness graciously at first, myself included.

Here’s the deal. Please just accept the fact that you do have this level of awareness within you. We all do. The truth is, it is not who you are. There is a higher perspective, a conscious level of awareness that sees you as you truly are. It dissolves the reality of your victim level of awareness simply and easily.

Perspective is truly everything! Take a look at a conflict that you are having with your finances, a lover, a co-worker, a friend, or a family member. Now, imagine that you are being lifted up to a 10,000.ft. view of your conflict. Seriously, do this and you will be pleasantly surprised.

What is this struggle and strife showing you? Do you see how you are being a victim to your circumstances, to a person, or to your own personal belief system? At this altitude, you can perceive a soulful purpose in all that you have experienced. Ask for help from your inner guidance if you have trouble seeing from this perspective.

Would you like some immediate help with your inner journey to uncover your hidden victim energies and their associated beliefs, behaviors, and emotions? Then please download my Emotional Roadmap to Freedom” workbook, a simple guide to awaken and access your natural state of choice and power.

Please accept this with my compliments.

This inner work is inevitable if you are interested in becoming free from your reality of being stuck in a power struggle and not realizing what you want. This will become a new way of life if you want to live from your true authentic power and experience the prosperity and soulful fulfillment that you were born to live.