You can bring an end to your doubt and conflict in your relationships through the power of Awareness, Acceptance, and Truth.

Have you experienced people who have complaints and problems like you do? Do they get on your nerves to the point that you become impatient or defensive with their issues? No matter how bad these people seemingly are for you, did you know that they can show you where your triggers and shadows are?

I know, it is tempting to believe that other people are really creating your problems. Believe me, I do get that!

It is quite normal for us to fall prey to our subconscious victim energy when we become triggered by others. Your inner self talk might sound like this:

  • They’re doing “it” to me and they have no right to treat me badly
  • They’re making me angry, sad, or frustrated
  • The other person shouldn’t be acting the way that they are
  • I would feel so much better if ‘they’ would just change
  • Why do I always have to be the one to change
  • The other person is definitely in the wrong. My friends (family) agree.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

What makes you unique is how you personally react to other peoples’ bad behavior. Your reaction is what creates your future experience. Are you aware of how you respond to someone who has violated your values, expectations, or needs? Are you indignant, defensive and guarded, or do you shrink and blame yourself? If you recognize yourself in any of these behaviors, your survival system has overtaken you.

The truth is, your victim energy is a perspective, one that is available to us all. It leads you to believe that you don’t have the power to change your circumstances; that other people or situations have power over you. It can lead you to be protective and ‘on guard’ with others. Unfortunately, this fosters distrust in yourself and others.

While it feels right to be this way, protective distrust will really slow your manifesting process down considerably, things like increasing your income, love, clients to serve, or having a healthy body, etc.

The truth is that your experience of a situation depends entirely upon you. Things happen, yet, how you are impacted by them is all about your inner beliefs and habits. (This is where you want to breathe.) The habit force of your survival pattern, fueled by fear, must be recognized and let go. This is not accomplished as a one-time event. It happens repeatedly over time with the practice of self-awareness and choosing again.

I find that when I am ready to release an old limiting, habitual, fearful pattern, I tend to experience troubling people and difficult circumstances which illuminate my deep-seated beliefs. I think this is nature’s way of helping me to see myself authentically.

It does make it easier to see and release the victim pattern when it surrounds you. You can then remember who you really are in the first place – a free, powerful, accepting being of love and prosperity.

I invite you to choose someone that is currently rubbing you the wrong way. How are you feeling with their behavior and how are you reacting to them?

  1. Accept that their behaviors are about them, and that your reaction to them is about you. What do you notice about your behavior? Are you defensive, indignant, or blameful? Identify your resistance to the other person or circumstance.
  2. Establish what is really important to you. What is it that you are really wanting, more power, more respect, acceptance, etc.?
  3. Identify the beliefs that are causing your inner conflict. What is your victim saying about you? Become aware of the habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of your personal victim energy. See this energy pattern for what it is, then be willing to let it go for a better way-of-being, your authentic and powerful Self!

If you would like some immediate help with your inner journey to uncover your hidden victim energies, beliefs, behaviors, and emotions, please, signup to receive my “Emotional Roadmap to Freedom” workbook, a simple guide to awaken and access your natural state of choice and power just to the right of this page. You may also Contact me to schedule a free consultation to determine your next most powerful steps to becoming free of your survival fears that are at the root cause of your relationship triggers.

Your inner work is inevitable if you are interested in becoming free from your reality of being stuck in a power struggle and not realizing what you want. This will become a new way of life if you want to live from your true authentic power and experience the prosperity and soulful fulfillment that you were born to live.

Love & Blessings