“Dream it, Own it, and Make it REAL.” This has been a slogan of mine for years. It’s what we all do, whether we realize it or not, when our desires are manifested, like out of the blue! If you think about it, isn’t it true for you? When you really have a burning desire, don’t you see it in your mind and think about it all of the time? (Dream it.) I know I do. And, when your desires excite you so much AND you believe it is okay to have what you want at a subconscious level (Own it), you are actually making your desires REAL in your mind.

In other words, you can feel your desires emotionally, you can see them, hear them, sometimes, can’t you just taste them? The images seem to grow into a real life experience, just as if you were watching a movie. This all happens BEFORE you actually have the physical experience. You can feel awesome just thinking about having or doing what you’re imagining. Now, that’s creating your reality at its BEST!

Have you considered that buying and selling your home follows this formula, as well? The problem is, however, sometimes we are seduced by our external conditions or by our subconsciously held beliefs that say, “No, you can’t have what you really want. That gorgeous home is way more than you deserve. You don’t really deserve to have it so good.” Or, you might choose to believe in what other people are saying about the bad economy slowing down sales, etc., or that homes just aren’t selling in your price range. These are just a few of the many ways that we block our desires to buy or sell our homes, quickly and easily. This is how we block all of our desires, frankly. . .we believe in stories about what we ‘think’ is true, not what we believe is possible.

This dilemma can be resolved by changing our internal beliefs and expectations (transformation) to allow what we truly desire and to align with the essence ( our feeling tone) that is good about what we truly desire. I believe that when we have a desire that just isn’t coming into fruition as quickly as we would prefer, and we feel very stuck, we must go within and discover our negative, limiting beliefs and expectations of what we believe we deserve on a subconscious level. We must allow for our misaligned beliefs to be dissolved. This transformation will allow us to experience our deepest desires as being REAL in our mind, body, and spirit! This is the transformational process that occurs from the “Inside-Out”.
What if your desires are a wake-up call from your Creator, God, the Universe, inviting you to up level who you believe yourself to BE and to expand what you believe is truly possible for you. Your desires place you on a spiritual journey that cause you to up level into your higher, authentic Self. You are not given desires without an accompanying intention from your “Supreme Power of Unconditional Love” to awaken into your true, authentic, loving, and powerful Self. Your deepest desires are God’s way of calling your authentic Self into being.

I would love your comments and experiences that you’ve had with making your desires, like selling and buying real estate, so real in your mind that you were able to manifest what you wanted easily and effortlessly in a very short period of time.

Blessings and miracles,