Here’s one question to turn you around.

When I ask new clients to identify the desires they would really love to experience, they begin to talk about them and then, the next words out of their mouths are, “I don’t see any way that could ever happen. I don’t see how it is possible.”

Sound painfully familiar? A very dear friend of mine wanted to attend a conference with me. It was two weeks away. We both were so excited at the thought of taking this trip together, learning awesome things, and having a lot of fun in the process.

A few days after she agreed to come with me, we got together for lunch. She sadly told me that she wouldn’t be able to join me at the conference. An obstacle got in her way and stopped her from seeing any possibilities as to how this could work for her.

She proceeded to explain an elaborate plan to create something that looked nothing like our fun trip together. Her focus changed from what she wanted to what she believed she could do based on her past. My brilliant friend reduced her desire to what she was certain about.

Understandable, yes. Were we going to be satisfied with settling for less? Not at all.

For a brief moment in time, she was not free to reach for her desire in the face of her challenge, nor was she accessing her creative power of possibilities.

I looked at my dear friend quite disappointed and asked, “What happened to our trip?” She proceeded to explain why it wasn’t possible for her to go.

Well, I wasn’t going to give up on our desire for this really cool trip because she couldn’t see a possible way to go, yet.

Of course, I wanted to free my friend from settling for less. More importantly, I wanted to empower her to remember that it was possible for her to come with me. I reminded her of what she knew; all things all possible when we remember who we are. “What is possible” is such an important question. When we choose to access the power that is within us and exercise our imagination beyond our conditioning, miracles happen.

Needless to say, after some processing and clearing, a miracle did happen for her within 24 hours. She was easily able to make the trip with me. The resources showed up for her and they were four times greater than what she thought was possible! Four Times!!!

How often does this happen to you? You plan for a result, the plan doesn’t work, and then you reduce what you want to match what you know how to do? In other words, how often do you reduce your desire and settle for less to match your current limiting beliefs?

Please, let my story inspire you to hold true to your desires. Your desires are meant to expand you into knowing the greatest YOU, the YOU that you really are! And, that is the point!

A special thank you to my dear friend who is willing to let me bring you this awe-inspiring story! I admire her courage to challenge what she felt was just the way it was. Bravo!