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This week’s question comes from me to you!


Do you want to increase your income significantly, yet you feel overwhelmed with what you think it will take?


If this question intrigues you and gets your attention, you must read on. This could be the most shocking and important realization that could make all of the difference for you to increase your income.

Don't make this fatal mistake if you want to increase your income

Don’t make this fatal mistake if you want to increase your income.

Don’t make this fatal mistake if you want to increase your income: If you believe that in order to produce more income you must give more, make more offers, serve more people, become more proficient and masterful at what you do, network more, etc., then you might feel overwhelmed when you think about everything that you must do.

I know, that happened to me. My over-giving and caring nature became an obstacle for me when I decided to up level my business income earlier this year. I simply found myself drained of the energy that I needed in order to make the changes that I believed I needed to make. What I discovered changed everything, and it can change everything for you, too!

Over-giving and over-caring is not an uncommon practice for heart-centered, over-achieving, perfectionist women who care deeply and want to serve and help others. The problem is, we tend to experience a huge challenge when we want to increase our income significantly.

Why is this and what can you do about it? First of all, let’s look at a Universal principle that determines the flow for the energy of money, the Law of Circulation.

Put simply, this states that the energy of money must circulate. If this process is thwarted, due to misaligned beliefs, it will produce an experience of lack and scarcity in your experience.

There is a belief that suggests that if you want to experience an increase, you must first invest your energy (give). Like putting your money into the bank. It will grow if you invest it into an interesting-bearing account (receive a return). Do your subconscious beliefs allow you to receive a return on your investment of time, talents, and energy?

Let’s look at this closer. Do any of these beliefs feel true for you?

  • It is better to give than to receive.
  • You’re not deserving to receive abundantly.
  • If you make too much money you will become or be seen as uncaring.
  • You’ll have to work too hard to make a lot of money and keep it.
  • People will use you for your money and won’t really love you.
  • Your friends or family will be jealous of your success and you’ll feel guilty.
  • I must provide for myself without any help. This proves I am strong.

Okay, this is actually a very short list. Can you relate to any of these beliefs or do you have a few more to add? Here’s the problem. Your ability to increase your income will be greatly limited if you can’t RECEIVE! Your cup must be filled back up or you’ll run on empty! The problem isn’t that you have not been giving, it’s that you haven’t allowed yourself to receive, to fill back up!

The beliefs I’ve listed above are reasons why you won’t let your good (money) come into your life. By changing your relationship with money, which includes your beliefs about you and money, you’re really changing your ability to be contributed to. You’re increasing your emotional capacity to receive!

Given the culture we live in, you have been conditioned in the masculine approach to business. Men have been our role models in business for centuries. Nothing wrong with this, it just doesn’t work well for heart-centered, over-caring, over-giving women (men too). It is the FEMININE PRINCIPLE OF RECEIVING that you MUST open up to within yourself in order to regenerate the flow of money back into your life.

Relax and breathe! Yes, receiving completes the circulation process. How well do you really allow yourself to receive? You might think you do, yet, if your income isn’t growing and you want it to, consider this could be your blind spot.

This week, I invite you to practice evoking your feminine energy. Intend to receive in all areas of your life. Start with something as simple as practicing extreme self-care. Take a break and do something that you love. Be very kind to yourself. Be a gracious receiver!

In addition, ask yourself this one important question each morning, “Where do I need to receive more of my good that wants to come to me now?” Listen closely, your heart will tell you. The practice of listening for guidance shifts you into the space of your feminine energy to receive.

Just remember, when it comes to doing things from your logic and will power versus what you subconsciously believe, what you subconsciously believe will WIN OVER, hands down, every time!

This truth is why your quest is well worth making. I believe it is your soul’s desire to do so. It is a MUST if you want to live the life you were born to live and to be the grandest, prosperous YOU that is YOU!

My best to you for all of the peace, abundance, and joy that you deserve!

In love and abundance,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

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