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This week’s question comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.


I have a challenge. I love what I do, working with clients to find wonderful homes. I enjoy the experience, have fun, relate to my clients well, and I’ve built up a lot of trust, confidence, and loyalty.

My issue is that I work with someone who is always micro-managing me and always questioning me. After 10 yrs., this person still doesn’t appear to trust me to make good decisions, and I know my decisions are perfect decisions. I can’t really change jobs at my age, and for that matter, there aren’t that many jobs. SO, how do I keep my sanity, perspective, and identity without sacrificing my value and still work effectively?


Oh yes, I think many people are going to be very happy that you have asked this question. And, it’s an awesome question, at that! Here’s the deal. While your sanity within this situation is stressed and totally understandable, (how many of us have been here, I know I have) there is something extremely important for you to know about your challenge that will change your experience completely!

The truth is, we come into relationship with people, and often, the relationship becomes a vehicle for our own personal and spiritual growth. That said, I think you are working with the perfect person right now. Please, stay with me here, and DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF WRONG!

What I’m saying is, there are never any accidents. Let me explain. You are challenged by the distrusting, fearful, and controlling nature of the realtor you are working with. So many of us can feel your pain and can justify blaming this person for the controlling manner in which they are treating you, and probably treating many others for that matter.

Problem is, you cannot control this person’s behavior. No amount of manipulation or retaliation will ever make your situation better. You probably know that by now. In fact, this will only create a conflict and will ultimately make things worse. This will escalate into you repelling clients and will block your flow of money!

Here’s a better way. Ask yourself this question. What are you afraid will happen if you ask for what you want and need in this relationship? Typically, I find that anyone who tolerates being controlled and micro-managed by someone who “pulls the strings to the money,” is caught up in a pleasing pattern and feels very resentful in the process.

Here is the key. Your feeling of resentment is telling you that you are in a pleasing pattern of resistance in this relationship, just as much as your partner is in a dominant resistance pattern with you. Your business partner is controlling and you are rebelling. This is a no-win situation.

I encourage you to own your pattern of survival in this situation. Your soul is ready to release the limiting, fearful beliefs and vows that you made when you were very young. Based on your goals, intentions, and important hidden values, you are ready to become aware of and to release these non-serving patterns.

You have drawn this person into your life to illuminate and to release this pattern within you. It looks like your core problem lies within this other person, however, I assure you, it is your survival pattern that has drawn this situation to you.

Once you address this issue as a personal growth invitation, you will be shocked at the change you will experience in this relationship. I’ve personally experienced miracles in relationships when I approached these kind of challenges as a mirror of my own internal patterns of survival. You will find that your change will evoke a change in your partner for the better or you will be released from this person for something better.

My best to you for all of the peace, power, and joy that you deserve!

In love and abundance,

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”

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