As business owners, we first decide to go into business because we want to do what we love, right? Soon we discover all of the ‘business’ things that we must do to work on our business, like marketing, sales, etc.

No problem. . .unless you have a tendency to show up as an introvert when it comes to meeting strangers. Does this happen to you?  This insidious little trait has plagued me for most of my life. I don’t think I ever wanted to admit this consciously. Then, I hit the wall. I could no longer deny this aspect of myself.

So what does one do about this pesky little problem when, as a business owner, we must reach out and make our offers in a world filled with ‘strangers’ that we know we want to help. Yet, being fearful of people that we don’t know can stop us cold. Wham, we hit the wall.

In a recent article that I posted, Hitting the Wall: How to get to the other side, I identified what you can do once you’ve realized that you have hit your wall. I suggested to write down the behaviors that you see yourself engaged in from the fight, flight, or freeze survival response.

The flight reaction to strangers shows up as introverted behaviors. In other words, we hide out, close up, shut down, and justify the process. It is easy to criticize ourselves for not doing what we know we need to do with our marketing and sales efforts.

More on this to come as to how I overcame this tendency and how you can too!

I would love to hear your comments, concerns, and remedies to this insidious trait. It can play havoc on business and it sends a message to the Universe that new clients are dangerous. Not good!