I took deep breaths and remembered why I wanted to walk on the fire.

I had to know, once again, that I was truly connected to my God source energy.
Walking safely across the coals would let me know that God is still with me
and that I’m protected in a way I can always trust. I’ll never doubt again! Then,
it happened. Someone walked across the coals right before my eyes! I gasped.
I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I watched. Another walked . . . and
then another. The pressure built. “Oh no, I might be the only one who doesn’t
walk tonight,” I thought. Well, this was no time to think that I had to be like
everyone else!

Jim told us we would be transformed just by being in the presence of others
walking, but I had to know that God-power was alive in me! More and more people
continued to leave their place in the circle, go to the threshold of the
fire, and walk. I heard myself repeating the chant we were to say to ourselves
as we walked across the fire, “Cool moss, cool moss, cool moss.” I stared at the
fire. With my heart beating rapidly and my knees shaking, I asked myself, “Am
I ready to walk?” My legs turned to putty and my feet froze in place. I was not
moving from my spot! My body was frozen. I was petrified!

I took another deep breath and released the hand of the person next to me.
Now he approached the coals, waited a moment, and proceeded to walk. My
face was flushed and hot, not only from the intense heat of the fire, but also
from the heat of the fear of walking across the fire! Then Jim announced, “We
have three minutes left. If anyone would still like to walk and their guidance says
yes, please proceed now.” I took another deep breath.

“Oh, God, I really want to do this,” I thought. “I can walk.” I felt my body
trembling, my heart still pounding out of my chest. I asked again, “Am I ready
to walk?” Aware of my trembling body and staring at the coals, I remained
steadfast with my intent to walk that night. It seemed like forever, until suddenly
a stillness and a peace swept over my entire body, and I found myself
moving out of the circle toward the threshold of the fire. My legs were calm
and sure, and, as I stood in front of the fire, I felt all the power in the universe
moving through me, washing my temples with peace and calm as I directed
my focus on thoughts of “cool moss.” My heart was calm with peace. I knew
I was safe to walk.

I stepped onto the coals concentrating on “cool moss, cool moss, cool
moss.” I steadied myself as my feet sank into the bed of coals, crunching with
each step I took, as if I were stepping on little mounds of popcorn across the
ten-foot bed of coals. I sensed warmth beneath my feet as I focused on “cool
moss” more intently than I ever thought I could. I reached the other side, looked
up and reached for the stars with such elation, and thought, “I wonder if I am
burned.” I chuckled. “If I have to ask or wonder whether I am burned, how
bad can it be?”

The above is an excerpt out of my recently released book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt: Ascend Out of Fear and Conflict Into Confidence and Authentic Power.
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WE must ‘dance’ with our shadows of fear and doubt before we can go beyond them. That is when deliberate creation really gets powerful!

I invite you to see for yourself what is truly possible for you regardless of how
doubtful and fearful you might feel, particularly when it comes to your heart’s desires.

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Judy K. Katz, author