I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February. Are you like many well-intentioned, spirit-minded entrepreneurs and professionals that still need to begin planning for this up-coming year, or at least complete what you have started?

Have you thought about creating a theme that you would like this year to be about? Themes are very powerful because they create a context from which your actions are drawn, which in turn, powerfully influence your actions and results. An example of some themes could be:

  • Stepping up and stepping out as a grander YOU
  • Taking inspired and powerful actions with ease
  • Living from possibility thinking and creative states

Recently, I attended a financial freedom retreat in which we were asked to not only plan out this year, we were asked to create a vision board that reflected what we wanted to experience and achieve in our business and personal life out into our future, to create a vision of our life.

As you can see by this picture, I am intently presenting my vision board to the group. I was inspired by my collage of pictures, phrases and scenes because I could visually see what I wanted my life to be about, both personally and professionally.

Taking the time to think about and decide what you really desire, finding pictures of your desires and placing them on a board for you to see each day is awe-inspiring. It sets your intentions into action. I highly recommend you do this meaningful work soon! It becomes the blueprint for your life.

I invite you to learn more in my article, Your Desires Are In Escrow, Learn the #1 Secret to Release Them. The truth is, it’s not unusual for many of us to procrastinate doing our vision work and committing to setting goals for achieving what we desire. There is a very critical reason for this and it will stifle your dreams and desires.

If you suspect that you are holding back in any way, don’t miss this article. It will open your eyes and strengthen your ability to easily move in the direction of realizing your desires and allowing them to come to you, i.e. more clients, more money, more trust in intimate relationships, your soul mate, a luxurious lifestyle, passionate work, etc.

Here’s to wonderful YOU!