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I have a shocking idea for you to consider this week, one that could miraculously rock your world and turn your life inside out and right side up, particularly if you are experiencing situations that are challenging you and making your life uncomfortable or miserable!

This practice or idea can be one of the most difficult to do initially, yet, once you truly understand the energy of it and actually do it, you can experience immediate peace, have a true sense of well-being, and regain your strength and energy. This idea, when practiced, can open the door for miracles and opportunities to come your way that would not have otherwise occurred.

What is this potent idea that can make a wondrous difference in your life? It’s the practice of forgiveness! Forgiveness might not be the answer you thought you would hear. After all, what does forgiveness have to do with wealth, abundance, and joy! Well, PLENTY!!!!! Let me explain this in terms of energy. When someone has violated our rules, disappointed us by not living up to our expectations, or betrayed us in some way, just to name a few, we will generally have an emotional reaction of fear, anger, or resentment, right?

Think about someone you are upset with right now. This person can appear to be totally unrelated to your challenging circumstance. Just let your mind find that person(s). Now, imagine that you are going to forgive them for whatever they did to you or a loved one. What happens inside of you? Is it easy to truly forgive, or do you cringe at the thought initially? For me, my initial reaction wants to say a resounding “NO WAY!” I went through a very ‘Dark Night of my Soul’ like this for a very long period of time. Big price to pay!

The resistance that comes up when we consider forgiving someone that we really don’t feel like forgiving, creates a constriction of energy in our body. This constriction will cause a fight, flight, or freeze response automatically. The feelings of fear, anger, and resentment are really telling us something very important about our core beliefs regarding ourselves.

If we ignore the messages that our feelings are telling us and only react to them by refusing to forgive, we will miss the message and lock in our suffering. Believe it or not, the act of refusing to forgive and continuing to blame and judge energetically screams out to the Universe, “I am a victim!” Oh, this is not the pretty answer by any means. Yet, it is the truth, is it not?

While not forgiving someone may seem protective and most certainly justified, it does come with a price. That price could be playing havoc with your financial condition; it could be showing up in your personal relationships, or it may be having an ill-effect on your health, no pun intended. How many times have you heard, “Forgiveness is for you, not for the other person?”

I believe this is partly true; however, since we live life in relationship, our forgiveness of another will have a positive effect, not only on ourselves; it will have a positive effect on the other, as well. It’s all energy, and energy moves. It has no boundaries! Forgiveness allows our energy to, once again, move freely. It opens our channel to receive our desires.

Wealth Practice # 29 – Forgiveness, Part 1 – Awareness

  1. Search your mind and find the names of three (3) people that you are upset with or for whom you are holding a grudge. Write these names down.
  2. Beside each name, write down the emotion that is evoked as you consider forgiving each person, i.e. fear, anger, resentment.
  3. Now, consider each emotion and imagine that it has a very important message for you, about you. Write down the first ideas that come to your mind. Do not edit or delete anything. Just let the information flow. Be curious and open.

i.e. Anger might say that you need it to be safe, or you need it to be right. This could be your power source when faced with a challenge. Fear might have you avoid this process because you believe that you can’t handle difficult or strong-willed people. This could be your approach to facing difficult situations. Resentment might say that you deserve to be treated better, and others should! This could bring about feelings of entitlement when faced with difficult situations.

Remember, we are what we practice.

Keep wealth as a priority and remember why you want to be wealthy.

“Dream it, own it, and make it REAL”