The Healing Art Within Manifesting Your Desires

You may originally desire something for the purpose of fulfilling an unmet need from a small part of yourself or as a remedy to get out of your victim state of awareness or ugly circumstances. However, your desires will provide you something very different and certainly much more valuable than what you first imagine. Do you remember my Hawaii story in Chapter 5? I described how I desperately desired to go to Hawaii. I really wanted to feel better about myself and about my world that had come tumbling down around me. I learned a valuable lesson in the healing art of manifesting, and I can best describe it to you this way…

If you have ever been involved in sales or you’ve been through sales trainings, one of the things you’ve likely learned is that human beings buy everything for the way it makes us feel. In my numerous sales trainings over the years, I learned how different types of people want to feel after buying certain products. This, I think, is a huge reason we, in our society, are driven to consumerism. Now this is where your new understanding of the value of your desires is going to come into play. You are about to learn the healing art of manifesting.

Think about the car you last purchased. How does it make you feel? Do you own a luxury car and feel unique, very savvy, and successful in the business world? Perhaps you would never buy a foreign car because buying from your homeland feels patriotic and loyal—you feel a strong sense of belonging and you want to support local businesses no matter what. Maybe it is important to make a “smart choice”—a car with great gas mileage that’s good for the environment.

Whatever your reasons, if you ask yourself how you must feel after you buy these things, your desired feelings will reveal a lot about your shadow, hidden self, particularly if your desire seems way out of your reach and a bit intimidating. Your desire will feel out of your reach if it is designed to expand your awareness and your sense of self.

This post is an excerpt from Chapter 17, The Value and Power of “Desire” from my newly released book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt:Ascend Out of Fear and Conflict Into Confidence and Authentic Power. To learn more and get your copy, either in paperback or the Kindle version, please go to Judy’s Book.

Blessings, love, and light,


Judy K. Katz, MCC, RScP

Published author and your personal “Shadow Whisperer”